The New Normal: Thinking About the Future Through a Different Lens

It’s been exactly 3,020 days since the financial markets bottomed out in the wake of the financial crisis that literally wiped away trillions of dollars in assets. Panic struck everyday investors, who ran for the hills thinking that the unrest would never end. We learned in hindsight that the best thing to do was batten […]

Start Planning for Tomorrow, Today

I often get asked when a good time might be to start planning for retirement. My initial response is almost always “Yesterday!”, but that is of course impossible. I answer that way in jest, because there is no such thing as ‘too early’ or ‘too late’ when it comes to financial planning. Some people think […]

Withdrawal Rates from Your Retirement Funds

There’s been an old adage that essentially states retirees should be able to withdraw around 4% of their total retirement funds each year, while not having to worry about outliving those funds. In the past, many retirees were successful in¬†implementing this strategy but it’s crucial to look at your retirement through a different set of […]