Your Personal Advisor

As your chosen advisor, we begin our relationship by spending a tremendous amount of time listening as a means to fully understand our clients’ financial objectives. Each person’s situation is different, so we develop a financial plan that focuses on helping you accomplish your financial goals. We’re known for taking a cautious approach to financial planning. We have built our reputation upon sound judgement and prudent decision making, which are values that have helped our clients protect their existing assets while successfully achieving their goals.

Putting You First

We provide shrewd and unbiased financial advice that is custom tailored for your unique situation. Unlike some larger firms, Cornerstone Financial Partners has no agenda other than putting you, the client, first. We are not part of a brokerage firm, owned by a bank or investment firm or a subsidiary of an insurance company. This means there are no corporate goals to meet, products to push or “higher ups” to please. Our independence allows us to place our sole focus on serving out clients. This allows you to rest assured that any advice or recommendations are truly unique and tailored to your specific needs.